Hydrafacial Treatments Now Available!

Hydrafacial Treatment

I am so excited to be offering Hydrafacial treatments at newly launched clinic in Hamilton!

What does it involve ?

Step 1: Cleanse We kick off your skincare journey with a refreshing start! Hydrafacial treatments begin with a gentle cleanse, sweeping away impurities and revealing your skin’s natural glow  Say goodbye to excess oil and hello to a revitalised canvas!

Step 2: Extract  Time to banish those pesky blackheads and unclog those pores! Hydrafacial’s specialised vacuum-powered extraction method works wonders, leaving your complexion clear and refined!

Say hello to smoother, more radiant skin

Step 3: Hydrate 💧 Time to quench your skin’s thirst and unveil that radiant glow! 💦 Hydrafacial’s final step involves a luxurious application of hydrating serums infused with nourishing antioxidants. ✨ Say hello to a surge of moisture and a dewy, luminous complexion!

Choose from Express, Signature, or Platinum – each designed to fit your needs and schedule. Want a quick refresh? Go for Express. Need a thorough skin pick-me-up? Signature’s your match. Or indulge in the ultimate skin pampering with Platinum.

Interested in finding out more? Come speak to us a Dr Lauren Medical Aesthetics or, if you would just like to have a chat with me,  contact me here!

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